Enfield Resident Sues Police After Arrest Made When Sleepwalking

ENFIELD - A local resident has filed a lawsuit against Enfield police officers, the department and the town for injuries incurred during an arrest last October.

Christopher Demski, 32, of Putnam Lane, claims he was "shoved forcefully to the ground," was shot with a stun gun "at least ten times" and was hit and kicked "before and after he was handcuffed" during an arrest made Oct. 7, 2013.

The lawsuit claims that on the night of the arrest, Demski left his home while still asleep and walked toward his parents' nearby home.

Demski said in Demski's disoriented state, he mistakenly entered his parents' neighbor's home, which looks identical to his parents.

Neighbors who spotted Demski before he entered the home called police for assistance and suggested Demski needed medical attention.

The occupant of the house he entered, Charles Strider, knew Demski but didn't know it was Demski who entered his house, the lawsuit states. He also called police - saying someone had entered his home and that he needed assistance.

When police arrived on scene and told Demski to leave the home, Jaffe said, Demski did so with his hands above his head.

Jaffe said officers shoved him to the ground and used their Tasers on him, according to neighbors, "at least 10 or 15 times." While officers used their Tasers on him, Jaffe said K-9 officer Christopher Dufresne instructed his dog to bite Demski's ankle.

Dufresne had no comment on the lawsuit.

Jaffe said Demski has undergone four surgeries since the incident and doctors cannot repair his tendon.

Jaffe said that in addition to his injuries, Demski was forced to wait at least 45 minutes for an ambulance to arrive on scene before being treated. Jaffe said Demski had to hobble to and from the hospital despite his injury. In addition to the injuries to his right leg, Demski also cracked a molar and "nearly bit through his tongue because of the amount of pain he was in," Jaffe said.

Demski was charged with interfering/ resisting arrest, second degree criminal trespass, third degree criminal mischief and breach of peace.

Demski filed his notice of intent to sue April 10 and is suing for $15,000.