Employment Advice And Litigation

Brown Paindiris & Scott employs a team of experienced and knowledgeable Connecticut employment law attorneys. These attorneys represent and advise employers and employees in a full range of employment law disputes. Brown Paindiris & Scott's guiding principle in advising employers and employees is to focus on serving the clients' real-world interests and aims. When an individual or a company comes to us with an employment issue, we don't see it as an abstract legal problem.

Rather, we see it as a means to achieve the client's goals, whether the goal is developing a stable and profitable workforce, overcoming the disruption of an individual's career, or negotiating and drafting employment agreements to protect the client's expectations regarding a job or an employee.

When you bring an employment issue to an attorney, you want practical advice regarding the risks and rewards associated with your available legal options. What will happen if you sue now, or wait until you get another job? What can you do now to make your job situation better, or how can you get yourself in the best position to sue if you are terminated later? Should you sign a release to get severance? Our years of experience in litigating many employment cases and counseling hundreds of employees give us the knowledge to fully explore the options available to you, and to advise you regarding the ramifications of each choice.

Employment Litigation Experience

Lawyers at Brown Paindiris & Scott have litigated all types of employment disputes, including trials in state and federal courts, and appeals to the Connecticut Supreme Court and federal appellate courts. Attorney Bruce E. Newman has practiced in this area for 25 years. Attorney brought her employment law skills to our firm in 2013. Both are committed to providing dedicated and compassionate representation.

Our attorneys have served as class counsel on statewide and nationwide class actions. The firm's lawyers regularly appear before the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities and the Department of Labor. The litigation department at Brown Paindiris & Scott includes an employment law group, made up of seasoned trial counsel, associate lawyers and paralegals. We provide aggressive, but cost-effective, representation, at the cutting edge of employment law practice.

Employment Advice For Employers

Managing employees of small to medium-sized businesses has become increasingly stressful. We give practical advice and provide aggressive litigation. You know what you want: a stable and competent workforce and the flexibility to respond to changing business conditions. The lawyers at Brown Paindiris & Scott are easily accessible for day-to-day advice to help you manage the obstacles that can keep you from achieving these goals. We provide results-oriented, business-centered advice regarding discipline, performance management, terminations, family and medical leave, and accommodating disabilities.

Benefit Claims

Employees rely on employee benefits such as health insurance, disability or severance pay to provide support when things go wrong. When these benefits are denied, financial pressure can compound a situation that is bad enough already. The lawyers at Brown Paindiris & Scott aggressively work to get you the benefits that you expect and to which you are entitled. They handle administrative appeals and litigation of medical benefit claims, severance pay claims, pension claims and all other employee benefit claims, under both the Employee Retirement Income Security Act ("ERISA") and the common law.

Consultants And Independent Contractors

Our firm represents many independent and small firm consultants, ranging from international actuarial consulting firms to marketing consultants working part-time from home. We emphasize practical guidance to make our clients' businesses thrive. The website contains many articles discussing legal issues involving solo and small firm consultants.

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